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T's & C's

Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions explain responsibilities, obligations, and rights of all parties in the agreement.


The following must be agreed upon by both parties before work can commence:


  • Everything is packed and ready load before we arrive (unless packing has been agreed and quoted for)

  • When self-packing all boxes must be securely sealed with tape (top & bottom) where possible.

  • If you choose to self-pack Move-Man expects all loose items to be properly boxed up, general house contents such as crockery, saucepans, glasses, DVD's, books and bedding etc must be securely packed in boxes or bags.

  • Items that won't exit or enter a property are to be dismantled before we arrive (unless dismantling and or reassembly has been agreed and quoted for) For more information please see Dismantling and Re-assembly or Contact Us to add this to your quote/booking.

  • Washing machines etc are unplumbed before we arrive. If Move-Man dis-connect or re-connect washing machines or dishwashers it is done without liability. You must also check for leaks when the washing machine or dishwasher is removed and or/re-connected at delivery.

  • Loft items can only be moved when safe access to the loft space is provided. The loft area must be properly lit.

  • Any passenger who wishes to travel in the removal vehicle must ask permission before booking. No payment of any kind will be asked for or accepted for this and is on a goodwill basis only.

  • Items to be moved are correct and quoted for. Additional charges may occur for extra items and destinations.

  • The 1-hour free waiting time is only if needed. (i.e waiting for delivery property keys and customer vehicle breakdowns etc)

  • Waiting time outside of the 1 hour free or for any other reason will be charged at £15 per 30 mins for 1 man, £20 per 30 mins for 2 men and £25 per 30 mins for 3 men.

  • We must be informed that storage is required 7 days before your booking with us.

  • Storage is dependant on the space we have available.

  • The free storage offer applies to booked House/Flat Moves, Office Moves, Half and Full loads only (i.e kitchens and stock, etc) for a period of 1 week.

  • If only part of your move needs storing prior to your move date then a separate quote will apply. Please contact us if this is required. Free 1 week storage still applies.

  • Anything after the free 1 week period is charged at a minimum £35 per week.

  • All storage comes with £2000 insurance free of charge. If you require anything over this amount it would be £5 per £1000 of cover per month.

  • Storage fees and insurance payments must be made before your goods are released or upon re-delivery.

  • We offer a 15% discount off your original quote if you use us for re delivery of your goods (15% off original quote only applies if being delivered within the same city as collected) You will still receive 15% off for another city if needed but this will be 15% off separate quote. 

To see what is NOT covered by our storage insurance Click here

We are unable to store hazardous, dangerous, illegal, stolen, perishable, environmentally harmful or explosive goods.

  • Once you have booked with us you will receive a unique one time use promo code to use on checkout.

  • If for any reason you don't receive your promo code please contact us.

  • Shipping and refund policy can be found at the bottom of the checkout page




  • The agreed price must be paid in full upon delivery (Also applies to Business customers)

  • Payment can be made via Cash, Bank transfer, Credit/Debit card (Mobile terminal) or PayPal.

  • For customers who are not at the destination to make the payment, we require payment to be made on collection before work commences. Without payment your items will not be loaded and will be treated as a cancellation (see cancellations and amendments below) Payment can be made via Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit card (online or over the phone) or Paypal. Click here to make a payment.

  • Payment must be made through the customer’s own debit card or a card where they have full authorisation from the owner.

  • International removals deposit of 50% must be paid before any work commences.

Liability Regarding Damage or Loss (Goods in Transit)


If any goods are damaged due to our own negligence we will be held accountable for any losses under £200. If the loss is greater than this mentioned amount we will pay the excess of £200 and the insurance company will pay a sum equivalent to the cost of repair or replacement. If the job is not paid in full then any insurance or settlement from us will be void.


Our insurance policy means we are able to provide Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurance on your behalf. We state below our liability limitations:


1. To any goods left in wardrobes, drawers or any other furniture item or appliances.

2. To any goods in boxes, bags, packages, bundles, cases or other containers not both packed or unpacked by us unless there is evidence of external damage. This must be noted upon delivery.

3. For any electrical, electronic or mechanical derangement to any item, appliance, instrument, machinery, apparatus, or equipment unless there is evidence of external impact. This must be noted upon delivery.

4. Move-Man does not accept liability for loss or damage to jewelry, watches, trinkets, precious stones, metals, money, deeds, bonds, securities, stamps of any kind, manuscripts or any other documents. We advise that you carry all valuables with you.

5. Move-Man does not accept any liability for any items whatsoever that are moved, loaded or unloaded by anyone other than our own employees.


Making a Claim (Goods in Transit)


If any of your items are damaged in transit you must notify us in writing via email. Due to insurance company terms and conditions, we will not be held accountable for claims unless we are notified within five days of delivery of the goods. Any claim made after the 5 day period will be refused by our insurance company. To process any claims job payment must be paid in full.



Cancellations and Amendments

We must be informed of any cancellations or amendments 24 hours before we're due to arrive via phone call or email only. Please do not text us to cancel your booking as texting is not always reliable. If you cancel or amend within 24 hours or we arrive to collect and you wish to cancel or amend the job date then a fee will be required (35% of job value)

If you have made a booking and wish to reschedule within 3 days from the original job date then a deposit is required at 20% of the job quote. To be paid via bank transfer, Credit/Debit card (online or over the phone) or paypal. All deposits are non-refundable.


Move-Man reserve the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice.

By accepting our quote you agree to all terms and conditions as mentioned above at the time of your booking.



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